About Barkha

A childhood friendship and a keen eye for fashion led to the creation of The Bollywood Closet


Barkha, a Kolkata native, is the founder and CEO of The Bollywood Closet. Born in a multicultural household with a part-Bengali mother and a father hailing from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, she considers herself lucky to have been exposed to the beauty and histories of two very strong cultures. She credits two fashion icons in her early life that set her on her current trajectory. The first is her Nani, who Barkha refers to as a true connoisseur of Saris (owning one from almost every state of India!). It was in her Nani’s closet that she developed the admiration for craftsmanship and heritage textiles.

Her second big influence was her childhood friendship with Sabyasachi, which began at the age of 15 when she accompanied her mother to Sabya’s house – a day she will never forget! Barkha entered the house wearing a blue dress and silk scarf in her hair, and a young boy in denim from head-to-toe approached her and comments on how pretty the scarf is. That young boy was Sabyasachi himself, and the ensuing conversation laid the foundation for a lifelong friendship.

Now, Barkha is a proud mother of two, residing in Atlanta, Georgia. As the owner of TBC, she skillfully juggles the roles of stylist, personal shopper, and most importantly, as a strong liaison between the brand and its many clients in North America.

Always abiding by her fashion motto of ‘wear your attitude’, she finds that her greatest satisfaction is hearing how special each client felt in their Sabyasachi outfit.