Booking Your Appointment


At TBC we strictly meet by Appointment only. We strongly believe in giving a very personalized service to our clients. When you come in to our showroom we want to spend a one on one time with you, better understand your needs and suggest pieces that best suits you. Hence we request that you please book your appointment by calling us at 678-200-2725, writing to barkha@thebollywoodclosetusa.com, or simply using the contact form on our site

What to bring

Once you have booked your appointment we want to ensure that your trip to TBC is a successful. Hence we have created a list of items that you should plan on getting to the appointment.

At TBC we love to first understand our clients need at length. We want to know your vision, your inspirations …we request you create a Pinterest board of pictures of outfits that you have loved and bring it with you to the appointment.. Even if you are not sure of what you are looking for our stylist will spend ample time with you to understand your requirement and suggest pieces accordingly.
Appropriate Shoes
We suggest you bring along proper footwear to try on with your dress. Even if it is not the same pair that you plan to wear with the dress anything thing that is similar to the original in terms of heel height will definitely be helpful.
Proper undergarments
The right fitting undergarments are always necessary and helps give the right shape to the dresses you plan to try on. Hence we suggest you bring in the undergarments that fit you the best.

When you ditch the coveted lehenga for a saree on your wedding day

When you ditch the coveted lehenga for a saree on your wedding day

When I see pictures of brides giving the conventional bridal lehengas a miss and wearing a beautiful classic saree instead it gets the fashion enthusiast in me excited. The elegance and grace of the saree has remained unmatched. For generations, the saree has been the choice for many brides which would include my mother and my grandmother. In recent times this 9 yards of luxurious fabric has been a choice for many brides. Brides in beautiful sarees that come in a plethora of designs, fabric and workmanship have made heads turn and set Instagram and Pinterest on fire.
Here are few fabulous wedding saree looks that brides have rocked in recent times.

The Red Benarasi

The quintessential red benarasi saree has been a wedding look since time immemorial. When brides adorn this meticulously hand woven drape paired with a red bindi, sindoor, flowers in their hair and traditional Indian jewelry the look is that of a royalty. Adding a veil further elevates the look and this becomes one of our top picks.

The Kanjeevaram

The pride of the south, the Kanjeevaram is a sought-after piece for many brides. The shine of the pure zari weave is unmatched. These sarees have intricate motifs and are decorated with auspicious signs of Indian culture such as flowers, deities, elephants, birds etc.
Pair your wedding Kanjeevaram saree with a contrast embroidered blouse for a look that will get pinned innumerous time.

The Tulle saree

Perfect for a beach walk or a walk in lush meadows down the aisle the tulle saree has become a sought after look for many brides. The delicately embroidered tulle sarees can be styled in different ways.

The capelet saree

The addition of a cape with the saree creates a visual drama that remains unmatched.

The heavily embellishes blouse

Tulle sarees are paired with heavily embellished blouses that adds yet another dimension to the already dreamy look.

The pastel hues

Silk sarees in pastel hues is yet another choice that we give our vote to. The peaches, antique golds or silvers transport you to the era of the Maharanis. A touch of emerald against a peach silk saree with white flowers is a look we say is going to turn heads.

Heritage sarees

I can only take pride in writing how much India has to offer in terms of diversity. Each State in India has their own unique weave to offer and there are brides who want to celebrate their heritage. Be it the Asameese Mekhala, the Gota Patti from Rajasthan, the Panetar from Gujrat or the Kasavu from Kerala to name a few, these traditional weaves make the most beautiful ensemble for our brides.

Heirloom pieces

For few brides wearing the saree that was worn by their mother for their wedding is both precious and an emotional affair. Heirloom pieces are also a choice some brides are making. Some wear the piece as it is, and some get design houses who specialize in revival work add another dimension to the hand me down piece.

As a bride, if you would like to wear saree on at least one of your main functions – be it engagement, wedding, or reception – you should surely pick one of these sarees for your trousseau. If you were wondering what I wore for my Reception? the answer is a red Kanjeevaram.


TBC’S guide to identifying fake fashion, designer knockoffs

It is ok if you don’t mind carrying or wearing a replica item, but it’s not okay when you’re taken advantage of by someone selling a clever knock off at the price of the real. I have seen many instances where clients come in after they have been duped in buying a replica. One incident that I can narrate is of a bride who came to us 3 weeks before her wedding in tears. She had purchased a Sabyasachi lehenga from a store claiming they would get her the piece at half the price. Now that is a deal very few would want to miss. But to her horror when she received the outfit it was nothing like the original. A color mismatch was just a beginning of the ordeal. The lehenga was poorly constructed, material was cheap, and we could go on… we finally got her the original piece but in the end she actually paid for 2 dresses where she could have easily gotten the original in the first place.

It is hard to believe but knock-off fashion is a $600 billion industry. Knockoffs are products that are designed to look like they have a high-fashion brand, but are actually cheap, low quality fakes.
We decided to do to article more than ever now because of the increase in online shopping during the Pandemic. The problem is that when you buy any item be it a saree, lehenga or accessory online, you do not actually get to handle the item and assess the quality prior to making your payment. Hence, we want to enable you with the right knowledge and “detective skills” that will help you make the right decision.

1. Authorized Retailers
Always buy your items from the designer’s official website /store or the authorized retailer as listed by the designer. All well known fashion houses have a list of flagship stores, tertiary stores and authorized retailer names and address published on their websites where their products can be purchased from. These addresses are the safest bet for you to shop the brand without any worries.

2. The Price
The most commonsense way to spot a replica is to consider the price. Designer items cost for a reason. Luxury items require time to be manufactured and time is luxury in today’s fast paced world. A Sabyasachi lehenga can take up to 3 months in the least and a team of artists who meticulously use various age-old techniques and hand embroidery on the finest of materials, and hence they come at a price. So, if a similar looking piece is screaming deal, it’s probably not real.


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Meet our TBC Bride Kalieh Briggs @kaleightb wearing Sabyasachi Bronze Chitrangada Lehenga on her wedding. . For further queries please contact The Bollywood Closet at +1 678-200-2725 or mail us on barkha@thebollywoodclosetusa.com Click bio 👆 to Visit website . #Sabyasachibride #ocassionwear #lehengalove #lehengadesigns #lehengainspiration #sabyasachiaccessories #indianwear #sabyasachijewelry #receptiondress #sangeetoutfit #weddingdress #fashionblogger #sabyasachiaccessories #worldofbrides #weddingsofinstagram #BridesOfSabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi #usa #newyork #bollywood #bollywoodclosetusa #instalike #weddingphotography #georgia #thenanibucket #GroomsOfSabyasachi #barkha #newyork #newyorkcity #georgia

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3. Read fine print when buying online
It is extremely easy for any one to take a screen shot of an Instagram picture of s designer product and post it on their website as a product image. Always read the product description carefully. Many a times I have seen sellers put SABYASACHI in block and then will write “inspired “next to the brand name. Buyers often miss the word “inspired” written next to the designer name and take the product to be the real thing.

4. No luxury brand shares its craftsman with a local store.
I can write a book on stories about fake fashion. One such story is of a client of mine from Canada. A local store promised her a runway piece from Sabyasachi at 1/3 of the price claiming that they used the same craftsman that Sabyasachi uses so she was getting the same piece from them at a great price. My client unfortunately happened to be a design school graduate herself and in fact landed reporting the store to the Brand. Such claims are never real and please do not fall for it. Every design house has their own employees and strict NDAs, copy rights and patents in place.

5. The Logo
For those making in person purchases please make sure that the logo is printed correctly. If an item is missing the brand tag, then it is not real. If the brand tag looks different then the item is not real. Always remember high end brands never stamp but engrave their logos or have labels stitched into their garments. Always check for the correct spelling of the brand on the tag. A Sabyasachi with a missing Y from its name should be an indication for you.

6. The Feel
Feel the item – As I said earlier you pay top dollars for designer brands not just for their uniqueness but also for the make and finish. A Sabyasachi saree for example is made of the highest quality material. The finish, inlay work, embroidery etc. all are above par. If you find a saree where the touch and feel is not right, where the finishing is questionable then it is a fake.
7. The Documentation
Designers want to assure you that you’re buying the real thing. Their products always come in the right boxes with identification cards, and other info that ensures authenticity. If your designer item arrives in a plastic bag with tags affixed – and without any documentation – it is most likely a fake.
Final Word
If you’re budget-conscious about fashion, it can be tempting to buy a product that might look same but is at half the price. But when you buy an item thinking it is real then you need to know the finer points that will help you identify the right product.
A couturier / fashion designer not only puts in his or her vision but their years of hard work in painstakingly crafting a piece. It is only fair that we give the designers their due credit by buying the originals.


Lehenga trends that are here to stay

If you’re an engaged bride, feeling overwhelmed by the unprecedented situation, we are here to help. Like many brides who were forced to reschedule their wedding to 2021   you too naturally have plenty of questions running through your mind. One key question we are getting   a lot as bridal stylists is regarding the lehenga trends for 2021. Here are some bridal lehenga styles which we feel will still be trending in 2021

The Quintessential Red Lehenga

The Traditional Red bridal lehenga is never going out of vogue. Irrespective of the month you plan to get married a red lehenga can be worn both for a summer or winter wedding. You can never go wrong by picking the color red. Seeped in tradition the red bridal lehenga is only going to make you feel like royalty.


Floral Lehengas

The Floral lehengas have been trending since 2017. Who can forget the amazing Udaipur collection from Sabyasachi that took the fashion world by storm. With a mix of various color combinations available, floral lehengas have been head turners for many brides in the past. We are confident that this trend is here to stay.


Monochromatic Lehengas

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you will surely remember the Red Monochrome Lehenga worn by Priyanka Chopra for her Hindu wedding. Monochromatic look has been a huge trend in 2020 and will be there in 2021. This trend can be adapted in various colors from rich jewel tones to pastels. For brides wanting to create a bold look Monochromatic could be the answer.



Soft hues and shades have been one of the most sought-after trends we have seen in the past few years. Pastel pinks to mints to ivories have been colors of choice for many brides. These not so overpowering colors fit very well in an intimate wedding setting as well.


Unconventional Shades

From orange to brown to forest green  to other uncommon colors that are not usually considered bridal, this choice of a different color has again been trending a lot. For brides wanting to get a signature look and stand out in a color that is not so common this is another bridal wear trend that will surely dominate 2021.



Wondering how to Shop Bridal wear during a Pandemic? TBC has the answer.

To the bride who is thinking that it is too late to find her wedding dress, or how can she get her Sabyasachi lehenga without being able to travel to India- we have an answer! We at TBC we are here to help you-Between lockdowns, quarantines, travel bans and more, some brides have chosen to postpone their wedding to a later date while others are opting for smaller, more intimate ceremonies at home. Either way, one of the non-negotiables for every bride, regardless of changing circumstances, is that she feels beautiful on her wedding day. This is what we strongly believe in.


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The Bollywood Closet has been working remotely with brides and grooms since 2012. Helping clients get their dream Sabyasachi outfits without the hassle of travelling to India has always been our Standard Process. Here is how our process works:
Source Inspiration
We first have a phone call with our clients to understand their wedding vision. We ask our clients to take the time to pull together a mood board of lehengas, silhouettes, colors they like and share the same with us. This helps us better understand the client’s personal style and preferences. We gather details regarding the venue, and if it is indoors or outdoors. If the wedding is a daytime wedding or night. We also have a discussion regarding the budget
the client wants us to work within. All this information is carefully documented and then shared with the Sabyasachi design team. They then curate a collection of pieces that fall within the guidelines provided by the client. All the pictures are shared with the bride/groom and they shortlist the top 3 or 4 front runners from the collection.


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The Virtual tour of a Sabyasachi Store
The next step is that we virtually take the bride/groom through the Sabyasachi store to see the shortlisted pieces, if they want a family member to join, we can add them too.
Measurements done by the Sabyasachi Team


The key to a dream bridal dress is it’s fitting, and we ensure a perfect fit by helping brides/grooms take their measurements correctly. Once the final outfit has been chosen the Sabyasachi team once again comes on camera via facetime or what’s app video chat and guides and help the client take the right measurements. For brides who have rescheduled their weddings to 2021 we will be doing a remeasurement in 2021 to ensure that any minor
changes in the body measurements are considered before the final stitching enters production.


What if I need any alterations when the piece arrives?
We at TBC strongly believe that your wedding dress is not just another dress- it is a dress you will remember forever! We take every step needed to give you that experience. All alterations, if required, our taken care of by us at no extra cost to our clients.

From start to finish we act as the advocates for our clients. We work on your behalf and get you the piece that you have dreamed about. We take away the hassle of you having to travel and in the current pandemic situation your inability to do so. When it comes to your wedding dress, we can confidently say that we are here to take care of your worries and deliver that iconic Red Sabyasachi box at your doorstep.



We offer a comprehensive shopping experience including:

  • Fittings
  • Styling
  • Personal Shopping

World of Sabyasachi


About TBC

The Bollywood Closet is North America’s sole retailer dealing only with Sabyasachi’s beautiful creations

Over the last eight years, Barkha and her team have seamlessly facilitated the dream Sabyasachi experience for hundreds of clients across the USA and Canada.

The Bollywood Closet approaches this process holistically for each client, providing fittings, a stylist, personal shopping, and more.


Meet the Team

Barkha – Founder and CEO

A childhood friendship and a keen eye for fashion led to the creation of The Bollywood Closet

Barkha, a Kolkata native, is the founder and CEO of The Bollywood Closet. Born in a multicultural household with a part-Bengali mother and a father hailing from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, she considers herself lucky to have been exposed to the beauty and histories of two very strong cultures. She credits two fashion icons in her early life that set her on her current trajectory. The first is her Nani, who Barkha refers to as a true connoisseur of Saris (owning one from almost every state of India!). It was in her Nani’s closet that she developed the admiration for craftsmanship and heritage textiles.AirBrush_20180906205637

Her second big influence was her childhood friendship with Sabyasachi, which began at the age of 15 when she accompanied her mother to Sabya’s house – a day she will never forget! Barkha entered the house wearing a blue dress and silk scarf in her hair, and a young boy in denim from head-to-toe approached her and comments on how pretty the scarf is. That young boy was Sabyasachi himself, and the ensuing conversation laid the foundation for a lifelong friendship.

Now, Barkha is a proud mother of two, residing in Atlanta, Georgia. As the owner of TBC, she skillfully juggles the roles of stylist, personal shopper, and most importantly, as a strong liaison between the brand and its many clients in North America.

Always abiding by her fashion motto of ‘wear your attitude’, she finds that her greatest satisfaction is hearing how special each client felt in their Sabyasachi outfit.


Sumeta – Stylist


Sumeta has been working in the fashion/event industry for over 10 years. As a Stylist working with The Bollywood Closet- she has served as a wonderful complement to the brand and provided clients with  stunning statements. As an image consultant specializing in Bridal and Occasion couture she has a keen sense of bringing out the sincerity of her client’s look while weaving in exquisite couture style. Tradition, elegance, looks with edge and pushing the limits of fashion to astounding effect, Sumeta is driven by her client’s vision and adds a fun and creative experience for every styling opportunity.