At TBC we strictly meet by Appointment only. We strongly believe in giving a very personalized service to our clients. When you come in to our showroom we want to spend a one on one time with you, better understand your needs and suggest pieces that best suits you. Hence we request that you please book your appointment by calling us at 678-200-2725, writing to, or simply using the contact form on our site

What to bring

Once you have booked your appointment we want to ensure that your trip to TBC is a successful. Hence we have created a list of items that you should plan on getting to the appointment.

At TBC we love to first understand our clients need at length. We want to know your vision, your inspirations …we request you create a Pinterest board of pictures of outfits that you have loved and bring it with you to the appointment.. Even if you are not sure of what you are looking for our stylist will spend ample time with you to understand your requirement and suggest pieces accordingly.
Appropriate Shoes
We suggest you bring along proper footwear to try on with your dress. Even if it is not the same pair that you plan to wear with the dress anything thing that is similar to the original in terms of heel height will definitely be helpful.
Proper undergarments
The right fitting undergarments are always necessary and helps give the right shape to the dresses you plan to try on. Hence we suggest you bring in the undergarments that fit you the best.